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Contact: Archie McConnel — Cairnmill Sawmill, Penpont, Thornhill, Dumfries
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General Information

Oak Beams, Hewn Beams, Hardwood Pillars, Cladding,Mantels and Scottish Hardwood Planking and Flooring

Green Oak Beams  
McConnel Wood Products cut the oak beams for the restoration of Stirling Castle great hall roof and have supplied oak and douglas fir beams for timber frame houses and many other projects, big and small. They can suppy beams and blocks for heavy and light engineering, e.g., for lock gates and water wheels, timber frame buildings, such as cruck frames, and restoration work. Beams can be hewn to give a more traditional look if required.

Pillars  The company also supplies structural pillars in oak, elm and Douglas fir. Pillars can be made in a number of designs, as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Cladding  Oak,Larch and Douglas Fir cladding cut to your specification. Also available,square and feather edge oak shingles, similar to those on our office.

Mantels  Mantels are available in a number of Scottish hardwood species, including oak, spalted beech and elm. Mantels are supplied in the size you require, always assuming that the stock is available.

Scottish Hardwood Planking  Stock of homegrown planking varies; it includes, at present,reasonable quantities of native elm, as well as characterful and unusual boards, e.g., sections of oak butt.

Hardwood Flooring  Homegrown oak flooring is available periodically. Please enquire for more information on wooden flooring.

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