The Full Circle

The journal of The Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers

The premise of this journal is to provide a balanced look at the Scottish hardwood and premium softwood industry in the whole. We aim to make it as varied as possible across the working field, for diversity and interest. We hope to persuade as many people as we can within the industry to join us and put forward their views, thoughts and stories. This approach will make it fresh, interesting and informative to our readers. As the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words and this is something we will encourage and champion over the coming years. We wish to encourage everyone in our membership to have a go, it is not about perfect prose or award winning literature it's about your story!

In essence this is not your standard industry journal, it doesn't cater for one specific working group, rather it is designed to provide interesting insights into how other people work. The plan is to broadly inform rather than specifically educate, and in so doing encourage openness and a willingness to share knowledge and best practice. There has been very little editing within this journal and we wish to keep it that way, preferring an open discourse (within reason) for all those getting involved.

The most positive aspect of a publication like this is the possibility of an exchange of knowledge between likeminded people across an industry, who outwith this platform will have little opportunity of connecting. Over time we will all get an understanding of how each level within our industry works. This will surely lead to better business relations and connections. In turn this will provide employment opportunities and an increased turnover for all concerned.

So read on and enjoy. Gently educate yourself, along with a cup of tea or coffee. If inspired by what you read and think you would like to contribute, get in touch and be in the next copy of The Full Circle.

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