Processed Timber

Processed Timber Comp

Round Timber  Some ASHS members are timber merchants and can supply round timber logs of all types, dimensions and quantities according to your needs.

Sawn Timber  Find your local supplier of quality hardwood timber through ASHS. Our members are Scottish sawmills and timber merchants who supply Scottish sawn timber throughout the UK. They cut a range of hardwood timbers, including oak, elm, sycamore, ash and beech as well as quality softwoods - Douglas fir and European larch.

ASHS members supply both air dried and kiln dried Scottish hardwoods. Kiln dried boards are usually waney edged and are available in various thicknesses. For more information on the timber stocks that each sawmill or supplier holds, look at the hardwood supplier pages on this website.

Scottish wood can be used for interior joinery, furniture making, carving and turnery. Scotland's oak, cherry, elm, and sycamore have been used to make fine furniture for generations.

Kiln-Dried Timber  They are usually dried down to 12% moisture content (MC), but you can specify a lower MC if necessary. Boards are usually dried with the waney edges on, but can be machined to straight edges or specific dimensions as specified by the customer. AHS members use low-temperature kilns requiring longer kilning times, allowing stresses in the boards to be relieved. This results in more stable timber with fewer cracks, checks and other faults.

Machined Timber  Most ASHS members have equipment to plane boards accurately to specified thicknesses and moulders to create profiled timber for skirtings, cladding, flooring, and other uses.

Turning Blanks  Our native hardwoods are popular among woodworkers for carving and turning blanks. Several ASHS members stock or can obtain unusual Scottish timbers such as lime and alder. Blanks are usually cut to standard sizes, but most specifications can be met.

Fencing  Many ASHS members will supply all sorts of sawn timber for fencing. Oak and European larch can be used untreated, while softwoods need to be pressure treated.

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