Furniture  Designed  and  Hand  Made  in  Scotland

Table DetailSeveral ASHS members design and make furniture or work closely with cabinetmakers, often sharing the same premises. They make traditional and contemporary wooden furniture in oak, elm, beech, sycamore, cherry, ash, birch and other hardwoods. This beautiful hand made furniture is made by cabinetmakers who really know their craft and have a true appreciation of the character and beauty of Scottish hardwoods. Much of their work is to commission, and many produce unique pieces that exemplify aspects of contemporary furniture design.

The furniture design is often informed by rather than imposed on the wood.

Here you can find reproduction and contemporary furniture for all areas of the home, including sleigh beds, dining tables, bookcases, coffee tables, oak dressers, chests and all types of chair. Each individual pieces is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship obtainable in bespoke furniture in the UK.

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